"Your site and service has saved my marriage. I travel a lot and my wife and I have started using your service while I'm on the road to stay intimate. Knowing that I'm controlling her massager from hundreds of miles away is incredible fun!"

- Chuck

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HighJoy has developed Internet Enabled Personal Massagers for both men and women. In addition to working great as standalone personal massagers separate from the computer, they can also be connected to the computer and...

  • controlled over the Internet from anywhere in world, or
  • controlled by yourself locally enabling self-stimulation

In order to control another's HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager over the Internet you must have a Premium Membership. Similarly, your HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager can only be controlled from a remote location if you have a Premium Membership yourself. Remember, a Premium Membership includes the necessary software to control or be controlled, as well as unlimited usage of our Internet relay connectivity for HighJoy Enabled Personal Massagers. Computer System Requirements

No Premium Membership is required to use HighJoy Enabled Personal Massagers standalone separate from the computer or when using them locally through the computer enabling self-stimulation...which can be very satisfying while surfing or interacting with others over the Internet. Click Next to learn how to Get Connected!

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