"Your site and service has saved my marriage. I travel a lot and my wife and I have started using your service while I'm on the road to stay intimate. Knowing that I'm controlling her massager from hundreds of miles away is incredible fun!"

- Chuck

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The Next Level in Online Interaction


Done with the single life and happily paired with your soul mate? Sure thing, we have the perfect solution for you...set you and your partner's profiles to be private so only the two of you can access each other. This approach is designed for monogamous couples who insist on maintaining their privacy while enjoying the many benefits HighJoy offers. Our service is ideal for military couples and long-distance relationships.

Does your spouse at home need attention while you're stuck at work? Is your loved one stationed overseas and you're missing their touch? Are you lonely and bored while your partner is traveling on business? Are both of you at work and one of you feeling a little frisky? Get with it! Stay intimate by stimulating one other from afar bringing some excitement into your lives!

Have an open-minded relationship? Good, we salute you. No doubt HighJoy will come in handy. Tweak your profiles to allow others to access and connect to you. You can be as selective as you wish. Customize your profiles by opening them up to one, three or any number of specific HighJoy members. Don't want to discriminate? Allow all members to virtually stop by for a visit. It's all very doable with the click of a mouse. Click Next to learn about membership levels and pricing.

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