"Your site and service has saved my marriage. I travel a lot and my wife and I have started using your service while I'm on the road to stay intimate. Knowing that I'm controlling her massager from hundreds of miles away is incredible fun!"

- Chuck

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Once you and your partner are ready to massage one another over the Internet it's time to Get Connected! Each of you simply launches the HighJoy Software and logs in, one of you enters the HighJoy Handle of the other and the two of you are connected! Next, the appropriate HighJoy Controller(s) will be displayed to allow the remote party to control the other's HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager over the Internet from anywhere in the world!

Remember, to control a device remotely over the Internet you have two options:

  • Invite another through the HighJoy Console – as outlined above, or
  • Invite another through the HighJoy Flash Console – simply launch a session from the toy holder's HighJoy Widget...whether in their HighJoy Profile or embedded on another site!

Compliment the HighJoy Experience.

Use well-known Internet communication software like MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and Skype in order to introduce voice, text and/or video chat before, during and after HighJoy Sessions and enhance the experience! Click Next to control a virtual HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager.

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