"Your site and service has saved my marriage. I travel a lot and my wife and I have started using your service while I'm on the road to stay intimate. Knowing that I'm controlling her massager from hundreds of miles away is incredible fun!"

- Chuck

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The Next Level in Online Interaction


If you're single, the sky is the limit. Whisk through the signup process, create your public profile, purchase a HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager, build and share your HighJoy Widget and watch others flock in your direction.

Don't have a HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager? Well, you're missing out on half of the fun but that's beside the point. It's time to be proactive. Find other HighJoy enthusiasts with HighJoy Enabled Personal Massagers looking for someone to send them a pulse. Search for and communicate with other members at HighJoy.com. Or, find HighJoy members at well-known social networking and online dating sites where they have proudly posted their HighJoy Widget. Make use of all the tools available through HighJoy.com to connect with other members from all over the world waiting to hook up with you.

Are you single and prefer to be more discreet? No problem. Simply restrict access to your profile and only allow a chosen one, two or few into your realm...it's entirely up to you, fully customizable based on what best suits your style.

Allow HighJoy to represent your online sexual persona. Whether you're looking to control or be controlled...broadcast yourself to the world or remain anonymous...be an online love machine or play hard to get...this is the place to be. Click Next to learn about membership levels and pricing.

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