"Your site and service has saved my marriage. I travel a lot and my wife and I have started using your service while I'm on the road to stay intimate. Knowing that I'm controlling her massager from hundreds of miles away is incredible fun!"

- Chuck

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10 Reasons to Join

  1. It's healthy. We all knew it but Marvin belted it out to the world...everyone needs a little sexual healing. Many studies have been conducted to examine the relationship between sexual activity and physical and emotional health. Studies suggest that both self-administered and partnered sexual activity may enhance our well-being in many ways: fostering happiness, immunity, longevity, pain management and enabling a balanced sexual lifestyle. Some studies even suggest that sexual activity may be associated with reducing the risk of the two leading causes of death in the U.S. - heart disease and cancer (Ebrahim, et al., 2002; Petridou, et al., 2000).
  2. It's complimentary. HighJoy's service compliments other popular services and tools offered throughout the Internet. Some online services that can be used in conjunction with your HighJoy membership are social networking, online dating and virtual community focused sites. Examples of online communication tools that can be used to enhance your HighJoy membership include MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL's AIM and Skype. These services add text, voice and video chat allowing you to see, hear, and with HighJoy's products and services, touch another over the Internet!
  3. It makes people happy. Whether you are controlling another's toy, or having your toy controlled or in some cases both at the same time...each person experiences satisfaction in connecting with and titillating one another.
  4. No commitment required. If you join and for some strange reason you find our products and/or services don't suit your taste you can cancel at anytime. If you've purchased one-year or lifetime membership services in advance we'll be happy to refund the unused portion of your membership fees. See our Refund Policy for details.

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